Polysorbate 60:

What It Is:

  • A Synthetic Compound (non-natural)
  • Viscous (consistant, resist flow)
  • Semi-solid at Room Temperature
  • Water Soluble
  • Nonionic Oil-in-Water Emulsifier

What It Is Made Of:

Is a synthetic compound (non-natural) that is made from
  • ethylene oxide-a synthetic compound
  • stearate and palmitate esters of sorbitol
  • stearic acid-natural fatty acid

Stearates and palmitates are esters that come from stearic acid and palmitic acid, respectively.
Sorbitol is a sweet powdering substance that is found naturally in many fruits.

In more common terms it is made up of...
  • Corn Syrup
  • Palm Oil
  • Petroleum

What Is Its Chemical Formula:

  • Sorbitol - C6H14O6
  • Ethylene Oxide - CH3(CH2)16COOH
  • Stearic Acid - C2H4O

What Its Compounds Contain:

The compounds in polysorbate 60 contain fatty acids.
These fatty acids praticuly always are from types of vegetable oils.
They may also contain some animal fat.
What makes up some of these compounds can vary and is only known, for certain, by the producer

What It Can Be Found In:

  • twinkies
  • ice cream bars
  • hair growth products
250px-Hostess_twinkies.jpeg 651px-Italian_ice_cream.jpeg250px-Colourful_wigs.jpeg

What It Does:

It acts as an emulsifier (something that suspends a liquid in another liquid) in the Twinkie's cream.
It basically keeps the cream from separating into different substances.
It works as a replacement for the cream and eggs that would go in the filling of the twinkie.
It causes that smooth consistency that Twinkie cream contains.
It is more common than using natural products because it is much more cost efficient.

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